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A Philosopher Looks at Education

We’ve all seen the headlines. American students lag behind the rest of the industrialized world. Millions graduate from high school lacking basic skills in reading, writing and arithmetic. Most aren’t ready for college. Little has changed since 1964 when Ayn Rand gave this radio interview on education.

Surveying the subject from her distinct philosophical perspective, Rand identifies the fundamental flaw in America’s approach to education, offers her pro-reason take on the nature and purpose of education, and indicates what content and skills students need to become rational, independent adults.

Other topics that Rand covers include: how to aid intellectual independence in students; why teachers should be experts on logic; why “indoctrination” doesn’t belong in the classroom; and whether the government should decide how to educate children.

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Carl Svanberg

Carl Svanberg was a junior fellow and later a research associate at the Ayn Rand Institute between 2013 and 2018.

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