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The Dictatorial Impulse Behind the Shaming of PPP Recipients

Shaming attacks seek to punish critics of the welfare state for advocating against such measures as the Paycheck Protection Program.

ARI’s Uncompromising Voice for Reason Since 9/11

In a preview of the upcoming issue of Ayn Rand Today, Onkar Ghate and Elan Journo discuss the Institute’s analysis of 9/11, the U.S. response to the Islamist threat, and the repercussions today.

Fossil Future: A Powerful, Must-Read Defense of Fossil Fuels

Among a set of recent books challenging the alarmist view of climate change, Fossil Future by Alex Epstein is uniquely original, forceful and persuasive.

The Unscientific, Un-American Ethics of Vaccine Distribution

It’s absurd to treat philosophers’ “intuitions” as standards for government distribution of the Covid vaccine.

A Blind Spot Obscuring the Islamist Menace

Two incisive books correct a persistent blind spot that obscures the Islamist menace.

Free Chapter: Onkar Ghate “On American Political Philosophy”

A new book on Ayn Rand’s politics includes a chapter by ARI’s Onkar Ghate on the basic principles of American political philosophy.

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