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Stoicism vs. Objectivism: Is Free Will Magic?

A common conception of causation leads many scientifically minded people to dismiss free will.

Why Today’s Ethics Offers No Real Guidance

A morality focused on resolving conflicts tells us nothing about how to live well.

An Interview with Free-Speech Advocate Jacob Mchangama

A conversation with Jacob Mchangama, a lawyer and vocal advocate for freedom of speech, based in Denmark.

The Vice of Nationalism

“Nationalism” is rearing its head again. We should recognize that it conflicts with individual freedom.

Meet the Conservative Authoritarians

“National conservatism” claims to champion American ideals, but in fact betrays them at the deepest level.

Why U.S. Failed in Afghanistan. No, It’s Not What You Think.

Blame our political and intellectual leaders, across two decades, for evading the ideological nature of the enemy and, consequently, miring U.S. forces in a “no-win” war.

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