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An Alternative to Conspiracism’s Foolish Illusions

Ayn Rand routinely dismissed conspiracist explanations of major events; she proposed instead that philosophical ideas openly agreed upon by all major parties were responsible for the converging irrationality of policy decisions.

Don’t Resign Yourself to Suffering, Combat It

Suffering should not be seen as essential to life given the efficacy of human intelligence.

The Morality of Moneylending: A Short History (Part 1)

Economic arguments in defense of usury cannot satisfy the need to demonstrate why moneylending is supremely moral.

Jihadists: Understanding the Nature of the Enemy

Any rational attempt to deal with an external threat must begin with a clear conception of the enemy’s nature and goals. That's required for defining an effective plan for ending the menace. What, then, is the cause of the jihadist threat? Who is. . .

Voting in the American System of Government

Although voting is one essential feature of our political system, it is not the essence of the American system, nor is it sufficient to make a government morally legitimate.

The War on Vaccines: An Interview with Dr. Amesh Adalja

The war on vaccines does not stem from a dispute over facts, but from a disdain for facts, truth, and reason. The anti-vaccine movement is itself a danger.

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