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Why Did the Saudis Expect to Get Away with Murder?

The Dissident, a new documentary about the Khashoggi scandal, prompts us to look more closely at how the U.S. and Western countries engage with Saudi Arabia.

If Creating AI Is ‘Playing God,’ Make the Most of It

Gaining control over the forces of nature isn’t arrogance, it’s the human way of life.

A Dozen Books for Defending Free Speech

Educating oneself on free speech issues can be a daunting task, with hundreds of books to choose from. In this article Steve Simpson, a constitutional lawyer with decades of experience in the field, recommends a dozen books on free speech history. . .

Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton Paved the Road to 9/11 (Part 1)

In the decades before 9/11, our political leaders failed to recognize that war had been launched against us and that the enemy is Islamic totalitarianism. They managed only to appease and encourage the enemy’s aggression.

This Thanksgiving, Don’t Confuse Gratitude with Humility

To treat gratitude as a form of humility is an affront to all who choose to create values and benefit us.

Can Selfishness Be a Moral Ideal?

To understand why Ayn Rand’s ethics of selfishness inspires millions of readers, we need to get beyond the popular conception of what selfishness involves.

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