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Why Champions of Science and Reason Need Free Will

The power to control our own minds is an indispensable requirement of scientific objectivity.

Economics in Ayn Rand’s Political Philosophy

A new book on Ayn Rand’s politics includes a chapter by ARI’s Onkar Ghate on the basic principles of American political philosophy. Here, Ghate discusses economic topics that Rand thought essential to her political outlook.

An Alternative to Conspiracism’s Foolish Illusions

Ayn Rand routinely dismissed conspiracist explanations of major events; she proposed instead that philosophical ideas openly agreed upon by all major parties were responsible for the converging irrationality of policy decisions.

The Specter of Lawlessness Is Darker than You Think

The arbitrariness of the laws that officials are asked to enforce is itself a source of the lawlessness in contemporary America.

The Sordid US-Saudi Alliance: Betraying Individualism

By allying with Saudi Arabia’s Islamist monarchy, American policy betrays our own ideal of political freedom and sells out the regime’s victims — thus continuing a wider pattern in America’s Mideast policy.

Campus Speech: Why Reason When I Can Riot?

In a 1964 article analyzing the so-called free speech movement at U.C. Berkeley, Ayn Rand identified fundamental causes that help explain today’s attacks on free speech at college campuses across America. The universities, she argued, were teaching. . .

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