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Why John Mearsheimer Gets Ukraine Wrong

Prof. Mearsheimer’s “realist” take on Russia/Ukraine went viral. It’s an object lesson in the destructiveness of amoralism.

Handwritten Notes and Drafts for Atlas Shrugged

A glimpse of important manuscripts from the Ayn Rand Archives.

The Dishonesty of ‘Real Socialism Has Never Been Tried’

Only wordplay and fantasy speculation can rationalize the idea that the Soviet Union and other brutal regimes weren’t really socialist.

Reaching Active Minds: Ayn Rand and the Ford Hall Forum

For twenty years Boston's historic forum hosted Ayn Rand's most controversial viewpoints in annual talks.

Ayn Rand on the Welfare State’s Real Villains

The most contemptible parasites are the power-lusters who relentlessly expand the system.

Taking Ideas Seriously: Ayn Rand’s Editorial Precision

Ayn Rand achieved clarity in her writing by taking ideas seriously, paying careful attention to the literal meaning of words and their implications.

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