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Slicing Into the Gay Wedding Cake Case

When a Christian baker in Denver refused to sell a wedding cake to a gay couple, he saw it as an exercise of his religious freedom. They saw it as a violation of their civil rights. Watch as ARI experts unpack the crucial legal and philosophical. . .

Meet the Conservative Authoritarians

“National conservatism” claims to champion American ideals, but in fact betrays them at the deepest level.

The False Promise of Stoicism

The ancient philosophy of Stoicism is enjoying a resurgence of interest today. Ryan Holiday, Tim Ferris, Patrick Bet-David and others are promoting Stoicism as a valuable guide for living, and it’s garnering the interest of CEOs, professional. . .

Ayn Rand’s Philosophic Achievement (Part 3)

Part 3 of philosopher Harry Binswanger's essay identifying six historic landmarks from Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism that, taken together, offer “a new view of the relationship of consciousness to existence.”

The Specter of Lawlessness Is Darker than You Think

The arbitrariness of the laws that officials are asked to enforce is itself a source of the lawlessness in contemporary America.

An Alternative to Conspiracism’s Foolish Illusions

Ayn Rand routinely dismissed conspiracist explanations of major events; she proposed instead that philosophical ideas openly agreed upon by all major parties were responsible for the converging irrationality of policy decisions.

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