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The Illustrated Fountainhead: Serializing a Classic Novel

Ayn Rand welcomed a newspaper syndicate’s offer to popularize her best-selling novel in illustrated form.

Economic Theory and Conceptions of Value (Part 1)

Examining what Ayn Rand and Austrian economists have in common, versus mainstream economists.

Facets of Ayn Rand (Part 1)

“What was Ayn Rand like as a person?” Two of her dearest friends answer with their memories.

A Blind Spot Obscuring the Islamist Menace

Two incisive books correct a persistent blind spot that obscures the Islamist menace.

Just a Theory? How Darwin Discovered Evolution (Part 1)

Evolution is not “just a theory.” Charles Darwin, the quintessential hands-on scientist, assembled massive evidence to prove its truth.

The Quotable Ayn Rand: ‘You Can Avoid Reality, But …’

The real origin and meaning of a popular quotation most people get slightly wrong.

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