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Ayn Rand’s Radical Case for Abortion Rights

Ayn Rand’s support of abortion until birth derived from key principles of her radically unique philosophy.

A Blind Spot Obscuring the Islamist Menace

Two incisive books correct a persistent blind spot that obscures the Islamist menace.

Voting in the American System of Government

Although voting is one essential feature of our political system, it is not the essence of the American system, nor is it sufficient to make a government morally legitimate.

Finding Morality and Happiness Without God

Because reason is how we understand and deal with reality, a proper approach to morality will teach us how to follow reason on principle, without any concession to unexamined feelings or to faith. It will teach us what it means to be purposeful and. . .

Myth Busting Four False Free Speech Stances

“Words can never hurt me.” “We must be tolerant of all opinions.” “Facebook is censoring me!” We hear claims like these all the time, but are they true? Watch Steve Simpson and Tara Smith discuss and debunk these and other common myths about free. . .

The Unscientific, Un-American Ethics of Vaccine Distribution

It’s absurd to treat philosophers’ “intuitions” as standards for government distribution of the Covid vaccine.

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