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Justice Holmes and the Empty Constitution (Part 1)

A short, century-old dissenting opinion exposes the dangerous vacuum at the heart of Supreme Court jurisprudence.

Industrial Capitalism Protects Us from Climate-Related Risks

We must not ignore capitalism’s stellar record of reducing climate-related threats.

Why Patents and Copyrights Matter

Elan Journo talks with law professor Adam Mossoff about patents and copyrights, common objections to them, and the moral case for protecting intellectual property.

Why Did the Saudis Expect to Get Away with Murder?

The Dissident, a new documentary about the Khashoggi scandal, prompts us to look more closely at how the U.S. and Western countries engage with Saudi Arabia.

Science without Philosophy Can’t Resolve Abortion Debate

Scientific findings do not support opponents of abortion rights without the assistance of unscientific philosophical assumptions, which abortion defenders should challenge.

Religious Skeptics Should Question Their Moral Theology

Appeals to the idea that morality is rooted in impartiality betray an uncritical parochialism unworthy of science.

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