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Crisis, Lies and Morality: Snyder’s “On Tyranny”

Would you recognize the signs of an incipient tyranny? Would you know how to oppose it? Timothy Snyder’s incisive book, On Tyranny, aims to distill enduring lessons from the twentieth century on the rise and functioning of tyranny — and to help us. . .

The Vice of Nationalism

“Nationalism” is rearing its head again. We should recognize that it conflicts with individual freedom.

Myth Busting Four False Free Speech Stances

“Words can never hurt me.” “We must be tolerant of all opinions.” “Facebook is censoring me!” We hear claims like these all the time, but are they true? Watch Steve Simpson and Tara Smith discuss and debunk these and other common myths about free. . .

Gravitational Waves: A New Window on the Universe (Part 1)

The Nobel Prize-winning detection of gravitational waves resulted from centuries of progress in science. The backstory behind this achievement is an awe-inspiring testament to the power of reason.

Defending Free Speech, from Rushdie to Charlie and Beyond

The Ayn Rand Institute’s record of vigilance in the face of attacks on freedom of speech is captured in the book Defending Free Speech.

Just a Theory? How Darwin Discovered Evolution (Part 2)

Evolution is not “just a theory.” Charles Darwin, the quintessential hands-on scientist, assembled massive evidence to prove its truth.

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