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Slicing Into the Gay Wedding Cake Case

In 2012, a Christian baker in Denver refused to sell a wedding cake to a gay couple. He saw it as an exercise of his religious freedom. They saw it as a violation of their civil rights. The couple filed a complaint under Colorado’s anti. . .

Myth Busting Four False Free Speech Stances

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me.” “We must be tolerant toward other people’s views and ideas.” “Facebook and YouTube are censoring my opinions.” You may have heard variants of these statements, at some point, in. . .

An Alternative to Conspiracism’s Foolish Illusions

Since the founding of the American republic, political discourse has regularly featured paranoid rumors of plots by perceived enemies of the culture (whether Freemasons, Catholics, bankers, Jews, communists, or Muslims) who are thought to be angling. . .

The Sordid US-Saudi Alliance: Betraying Individualism

In the chaotic mess that is American Mideast policy, one scandal stands out for its longevity and brazenness. Longevity, because it has festered under both Republican and Democratic administrations. Brazenness, because instead of keeping the problem. . .

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