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ARI Members Invited to Live Stream OCON Keynote

Objectivity affects how you treat your friends, do your work, set your goals. What is objectivity, and how do you practice it?

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Are you unable to attend Objectivist Summer Conference 2023, starting June 30 in Miami, Florida? If you’re an ARI Member or part of our Atlantis Legacy program, we invite you to join us for an exclusive live-stream watch party for Tara Smith’s keynote lecture, “Living Objectively,” on July 1.

Here’s a description of her talk:

Objectivity isn’t simply a tool for concept-formation or analyzing arguments. Objectivity affects how you treat your friends, how you do your work, how you set your goals. This lecture probes objectivity’s role in everyday living. It considers ways that objectivity (or its lack) manifests itself in a range of domains and ways in which well-intended people can easily fall into non-objective practices. The stakes? Being objective is vital for fully flourishing.

Dr. Smith, a frequent OCON speaker, is a professor of philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin, where she holds the Anthem Foundation Fellowship in the Study of Objectivism, and previously held the BB&T Chair for the Study of Objectivism. A member of the board of directors of the Ayn Rand Institute, Dr. Smith has published books on individual rights, the foundations of value, Rand’s theory of egoistic virtues, and the requirements of objectivity in judicial review. 

Invitations with details on how to join the Zoom watch party have been emailed to ARI Members and to participants in our planned giving program, Atlantis Legacy. On Saturday, July 1, the Zoom space will open at 06:45 am PT / 9:45 am ET / 3:45 pm Central European Time. The lecture begins at the top of the hour. The lecture and Q&A will run about 90 minutes.

As with our regular monthly ARI Member Roundtable events, this special watch party is one way we express our appreciation for donors like you who make ARI’s work possible. 

You can also purchase a virtual pass to OCON, the premier gathering of Ayn Rand fans, and gain access to live streams of most events. Videos can be watched in real time or on-demand until August 31, 2023.


If you value the ideas presented here, please become an ARI Member today.

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