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Creating a New Generation of Energy Champions

Onkar Ghate and Alex Epstein talk about ARI’s role in defending the creators of industrial-scale energy.

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Today, the energy industry — the industry that powers every other industry — is under widespread attack, with environmentalists calling for the rapid elimination of fossil fuels and the phasing out of nuclear energy. But a growing movement of energy champions is hitting back, and in a newly released panel discussion, three of them share their observations from the front lines.

The panel, “Creating a New Generation of Energy Champions,” took place at the Ayn Rand Institute’s annual gala in August 2021 and was moderated by Yaron Brook. It featured Onkar Ghate, ARI senior fellow and chief philosophy officer; Alex Epstein, a former fellow at ARI and author of Fossil Future; and Bud Brigham, an oil and gas entrepreneur. Among the topics covered:

  • The link between energy and Ayn Rand: reason as the ultimate source of energy;
  • Ayn Rand’s philosophical championing of the Industrial Revolution;
  • The gap between public fears of climate disaster and the actual state of the world;
  • How Epstein has benefited from working at ARI and consulting with ARI experts in his journey to becoming an energy champion;
  • Epstein’s assessment of the new “energy humanism” movement;
  • ARI’s plans to help create a new generation of energy champions;
  • Relevant learning opportunities available at the Ayn Rand University;
  • Brigham’s support for ARI.

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Ziemowit Gowin

Ziemowit Gowin, PhD candidate in philosophy, is a junior fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute and web editor of New Ideal.

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