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How to Fix the Broken Immigration Debate: Agustina Vergara Cid on Yaron Brook Show

To fix the broken U.S. immigration system, we need the framework of individual rights.

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On this episode of the Yaron Brook Show, Yaron Brook interviews Agustina Vergara Cid on the U.S. immigration system and they both answer questions from the audience.

Our current immigration debate is characterized by a concrete-bound fixation on isolated questions of fact, such as how much immigrants contribute to the economy. What is missing in the debate about immigration in America, Vergara Cid claims, is a moral framework to think clearly about immigration. She argues that the moral principle of individual rights provides the framework to entirely rethink the issue.

Vergara Cid applies this framework of individual rights to the arguments that legal immigrants threaten U.S. jobs, taxpayers, national security, and culture. Vergara Cid and Brook also discuss how lawlessness on the U.S. border results from the prohibition on immigration and how the solution is legal immigration.

Vergara Cid and Brook take on all the hot topics in this debate, from the “replacement theory” peddled by Tucker Carlson, Douglas Murray’s dangerous idea that Europe is for Europeans, to Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book about how Muslim men prey on women in Europe.

This two-hour interview provides a comprehensive overview of today’s immigration debates.


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