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OCON Live 2020

Living a Life of Purpose: Join Us for OCON–Live

Join us for a global event, May 15–16. The largest annual conference on the philosophy of Objectivism, OCON, draws individuals from around the world. This year’s event has moved to an all-online format. OCON–Live will focus on the theme of living a life of purpose, with talks by the world’s most knowledgeable experts in Ayn Rand’s philosophy. What to expect:

One of the most inspiring traits of the heroes in Ayn Rand’s novels is their purposefulness. Think of Dagny Taggart’s fierce determination to complete the John Galt Line on schedule or to savor every last musical note written by her favorite composer. Or Howard Roark’s single-minded pursuit of his architectural vision, and his patient quest to figure out the “principle behind the dean.”

But while Objectivism provides the fundamental principles for living a life of purpose, it’s not always obvious how to apply those principles in practice. It’s one thing to read Ayn Rand and to be inspired by the depth and clarity of her ideas and by her vision of human existence — it’s another thing altogether to work to build the virtues and values of her philosophy into your life and soul.

What does it look like — and what does it take — to truly live a life of purpose?

OCON–Live will explore Rand’s conception of the purposeful life, putting it into practice, and making it work for you.

Yaron Brook, chairman of the board of the Ayn Rand Institute, will give the keynote, which will look at why purpose is so important, what it means to live purposefully, to have a central purpose, and to integrate all of your values around that central purpose.

Along with insightful talks and social gatherings, OCON–Live will feature a special theatrical reading of Ayn Rand’s play Unconquered, based on her novel We the Living, followed by a talkback session with the cast, the director, and experts on Rand’s writings.

This event has ended.

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