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Physics and the Goal of ARU: Yaron Brook Interviews Keith Lockitch

Ayn Rand University offers a new approach to learning physics.

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Today, universities teach physics without regard to the history of its discovery. Newton’s laws of motion are treated like axioms that students simply plug into their calculations in order to solve problems. Few references to the observations and experiments that support these laws are provided.

In his recent appearance on the Yaron Brook Show, Keith Lockitch, ARI’s VP of education and a PhD in physics, explains the problem with this teaching approach and how he solves it in his Ayn Rand University course Foundations of Physical Science. In the course, Dr. Lockitch goes step-by-step through the history of physics, from ancient astronomical observations to Newton’s laws of motion.

This kind of content makes ARU of interest not only to those pursuing an intellectual career but to anyone looking for real education.

Dr. Lockitch also discusses the mission of ARU and his plans for new courses, and answers questions about physics from the audience. Topics discussed in the Q&A include free will, general relativity, quantum mechanics, the shape of the universe, and the big bang theory.


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Itamar Feldman

Itamar Feldman, B.S. in mathematics, is a participant in the Ayn Rand University Honors Program.

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