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Tal Tsfany on ARI’s Vision for Spreading Objectivism

The integration of thought and action in life and work is at the center of the Ayn Rand University’s new programs.

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Ayn Rand described the “New Intellectual” as someone who “will discard . . . the soul-body dichotomy. . . . He will be an integrated man, that is: a thinker who is a man of action. . . . He will know that men need philosophy for the purpose of living on earth.”

In his talk at the 2023 Objectivist Summer Conference in Miami, Tal Tsfany showed how Ayn Rand University (ARU) builds on Rand’s vision of the New Intellectual, announcing new programs to achieve thought-action integration.

ARU has fostered students’ ability to cultivate a knowledge of Objectivism and other subjects by expanding its course offerings and growing its faculty. Keith Lockitch shared the stage with Tal to announce the launch of a new program that will deepen ARI’s commitment to this goal: the Ayn Rand University Graduate Center (ARUGC), ARU’s “Top Gun” program for promising students.

ARU has heavily invested in programs to help our students achieve success in action through individualized coaching and courses on productivity. Don Watkins also joined Tal to announce a major step forward in the Launch Pad program, which connects students with employers to help secure employment and work experience.

The integration of thought and action in our lives is an existential need and a major achievement. ARU’s programs provide the tools to achieve it. To learn how you can benefit from ARU’s new programs, watch Tal Tsfany’s OCON talk here:


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