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Jihadists: Understanding the Nature of the Enemy

At the peak of its strength, the Islamic State (or ISIS) not only controlled a large swath of territory — an area roughly the size of the United Kingdom — it also proved itself a formidable global menace. It instigated, directed, and inspired. . .

The Sordid US-Saudi Alliance: Betraying Individualism

In the chaotic mess that is American Mideast policy, one scandal stands out for its longevity and brazenness. Longevity, because it has festered under both Republican and Democratic administrations. Brazenness, because instead of keeping the problem. . .

Social Media Are Victims, Not Villains, in Russian Scandal

In the roughly three years since our intelligence services first notified the Democratic National Committee that Russian hackers had gained entry into their computer systems, a great number of people have expressed great amounts of outrage over what. . .

Finding Morality and Happiness Without God

American popular culture is filled with pieces that gently mock, satirize and ridicule religion, especially Judeo-Christian beliefs. To cite but three instances, Stephen Colbert’s periodic Late Show conversations with God, the character of Ned. . .

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