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A Post-mortem Analysis of Lex Fridman’s Hosted Israel–Palestine Debate by Elan Journo and Yaron Brook

Israel’s “defenders” undercut its right to self-defense by ceding the moral high ground.

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In his most recent appearance on the Yaron Brook Show, Elan Journo joins Yaron Brook to dissect a debate on the Lex Fridman Podcast about the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Despite its chaotic nature, this debate sheds light on deeper issues within the discourse on Israel.

Journo and Brook reveal how the “Israeli side” in this debate undermines Israel’s moral right to self-defense and leaves unchallenged the argument that Zionism is a form of imperialism. Such arguments against Israel are primarily motivated by a rejection and hatred of Western values. Moreover, Israel’s enemies use these kinds of debates to sanitize the corrupt nature of the Palestinian movement and Hamas’s atrocities. Leaving such motivations unchallenged explains in large part why Israel’s enemies are winning, and its defenders losing, the “PR war.”

Dissecting this debate on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict exposes long-standing challenges that must be met if the values of the Enlightenment are to be defended against the anti-Enlightenment forces in the world today. Journo and Brook provide the intellectual ammunition on how to think about this conflict and how to advocate Israel’s moral right to self-defense. You can watch their analysis here:

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