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Yaron Brook Interviews Elan Journo on Foreign Policy and Current Affairs

Before Islamic terrorists toppled the World Trade Center on 9/11, the Bush administration’s foreign policy attitude was: “if we leave them alone, they’ll leave us alone.” But “they” did not leave us alone.

Bush’s attitude was not unusual. It was the logical consequence of the view that the Cold War’s end marked the triumph of “liberal democracy” and the “end of history.” Global peace and stability, it was thought, were just a matter of time.

In their discussion on the Yaron Brook Show, Elan Journo and Yaron Brook, expose how this deeply flawed view is in large part responsible for the wars and instability we see around the world today. They explain how the very system meant to lead to global stability and peace — “liberal democracy,” i.e., the mixed economy — leads to instability and conflict both within mixed economies and around the world.

Listen to this fascinating discussion as Journo and Brook bring a unique perspective to a range of  problems facing the world today and explain what a foreign policy based on individual rights would look like.

Image credit: gopixa/Shutterstock.com.

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Ibis Slade

Ibis Slade is a junior fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute and a content creator. He focuses on American intellectual and moral history.

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