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John Ridpath

Celebrating John Ridpath’s Dedication to Objectivism

Everyone is invited to commemorate Dr. John Ridpath, a longtime ARI board member and inspiring lecturer, who died on March 23.

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The Ayn Rand Institute will open its monthly Roundtable to the public later this month, so that anyone touched by John Ridpath’s life may have an opportunity to attend and participate. “Normally our Roundtable events are exclusive to ARI Members,” said Elan Journo, “but in this case we wanted to broaden the audience in recognition of Dr. Ridpath’s widespread influence.”

Ridpath, who died on March 23, was an intellectual historian, inspiring lecturer, and longtime ARI board member. Dedicated to advancing Ayn Rand’s philosophy, he contributed to numerous ARI programs. Over the course of many years, for example, he served as the final judge who selected winners of the Institute’s high school essay contests on Rand’s novels. He was also a prolific member of the Institute’s speakers bureau and a stirring advocate for reason, individualism and capitalism.

“The event’s focus will be a conversation about Dr. Ridpath’s contributions to the mission of ARI, with guest speakers such as Dr. Harry Binswanger, a longtime board member, and Dr. Michael Berliner, who was ARI’s first executive director,” Journo said. “We’ll be announcing other guests soon.”

This special Roundtable event will take place on Saturday, April 24, at 1 p.m. Eastern, 10 a.m. Pacific. After the remembrances, which will last approximately one hour, the event will feature breakout rooms hosted by ARI staff for thirty minutes, then a free-form hangout on Zoom.

Click here to join the event a few minutes before the start time, or go to https://zoom.us/join and use the Meeting ID 881-3695-6178. To join by phone, dial +1 (669) 900-6833 and use the Meeting ID 881-3695-6178.


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Tom Bowden

Tom Bowden, JD and former civil litigator, is a research fellow and publishing manager at the Ayn Rand Institute. He is also a coeditor of Illuminating Ayn Rand (2022) and a contributing editor of New Ideal.

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