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Dave Rubin, Yaron Brook, Gena Gorlin on Rubin Report

Rand on Happiness: Filling Your Life with Meaning, Art, Love

What Ayn Rand’s philosophy teaches you is to be ambitious about your life. Make the most of the one shot you have at life. Learn how to achieve your own happiness. Then live every minute.

So argues Yaron Brook in the next installment in ARI’s series of captivating, long-form conversations on The Rubin Report. This episode features Brook together with clinical psychologist Gena Gorlin.

What makes the interview especially illuminating is that it shows how abstract principles in Rand’s philosophy can be applied in your own, everyday life. Brook and Gorlin vividly explain how Objectivism can guide you in pursuing your own happiness. They look at how to fill one’s life with meaning through developing a career, engaging with beautiful art, and finding romantic love.

Some of the many topics they discuss:

  • Why a career purpose is so important
  • How to navigate the struggles, risks, and failures inherent in a career
  • What mindset to adopt in identifying — or changing — a career
  • Why deep engagement with art can be such a powerful inspiration
  • Why experiencing art is a crucial part of a life well lived
  • How one’s experience of art and romantic love are similar
  • Why rationality is not only compatible with romantic love, but a necessary condition for it

Below you can find the rest of the conversations between Dave Rubin and Objectivist intellectuals in this series. Yaron Brook is chairman of the board of directors of the Ayn Rand Institute. Gena Gorlin is an assistant professor in clinical psychology at Yeshiva University and a therapist.

Objectivism on Happiness (Rubin Report episode list):

Objectivism on Happiness – Episode list

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