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Announcing a New ARI Book: Illuminating Ayn Rand

Selected essays from New Ideal, based on research in the Ayn Rand Archives, highlight interesting facets of Rand’s life and work.

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Just in time for holiday giving, Illuminating Ayn Rand is available through Amazon. This new book collects essays from New Ideal that highlight little-discussed yet interesting facets of Ayn Rand’s life and work.

Elan Journo and I coedited the book, and other contributors include Michael S. Berliner, Jeff Britting, Keith Lockitch, Shoshana Milgram, and the late Mary Ann Sures.

Chapter highlights:

  • “How Music Saved a Life: Ayn Rand and Operetta” by Michael S. Berliner
  • “Ayn Rand, Columnist: The Los Angeles Times Experiment” by Tom Bowden
  • “Handwritten Notes and Drafts for Atlas Shrugged” by Jeff Britting
  • “‘Capitalism’: When and How Ayn Rand Embraced the Term” by Shoshana Milgram
  • “Taking Ideas Seriously: Ayn Rand’s Editorial Precision” by Tom Bowden
  • “Ayn Rand’s Musical Biography” by Michael S. Berliner
  • “Why Rand Was Right to Testify Against Hollywood Communism” by Elan Journo

The book also features a variety of illustrations drawn from the Ayn Rand Archives, whose resources supplied the research foundation for most of the collected essays.

Ayn Rand’s handwritten manuscript: “My Musical Biography”
(Copyright Leonard Peikoff; Ayn Rand Archives)

You can obtain copies of the paperback edition here and the Kindle edition here.


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Tom Bowden

Tom Bowden, JD and former civil litigator, is a research fellow and publishing manager at the Ayn Rand Institute. He is also a coeditor of Illuminating Ayn Rand (2022) and a contributing editor of New Ideal.

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