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Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia, Middle East: Journo on BoldTV

What’s really driving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? What should we make of the Saudi regime’s apparent murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a dissident journalist? These are two of the issues I discussed with Carrie Sheffield of BoldTV and Nicole Goodkind of Newsweek in a recent interview about my book What Justice Demands: America and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

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Elan Journo

Elan Journo is a senior fellow and vice president of content at the Ayn Rand Institute. His books include Illuminating Ayn Rand (2022), Failing to Confront Islamic Totalitarianism: What Went Wrong After 9/11 (2021) and What Justice Demands: America and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (2018). Elan is a senior editor of New Ideal.

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