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It’s Past Time for a Pandemic Testing Strategy

Months of statewide lockdowns across the country were meant in part to buy time to ramp up testing and contact tracing with regard to the spread of Covid-19. Now — amid an upsurge of cases in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and elsewhere — we still have. . .

Many Vaccine Refusers Don’t Care about Their Self-Interest

A real concern for self-interest includes concern for one’s health, relationships, and the truth.

Stuck at Home? Join an Ayn Rand Novel Reading Group

If you’re homebound during the coronavirus pandemic, the Ayn Rand Institute is launching a new educational resource that we hope provides some benefit to you in this difficult time. Starting tomorrow, we are beginning two online discussion series. . .

How to Deal with Arbitrary Claims: Lessons from the Pandemic

In this episode of New Ideal Live, Nikos Sotirakopoulos and Mike Mazza are joined by Dr. Amesh Adalja to discuss the phenomenon of skepticism towards COVID-19 vaccines. They argue that this skepticism is based on arbitrary claims made in disregard. . .

Arguments for Lockdowns Misrepresent Economic Evidence

Governments must redouble their efforts to take facts and evidence seriously, whether it's evidence from epidemiology or from economics.

After Omicron, Should We Be Aiming at ‘Zero Covid’?

In this episode of New Ideal Live, Agustina Vergara Cid interviews Amesh Adalja, a well-known expert on pandemic preparedness, about the Omicron variant, the idea of “zero Covid,” and other issues related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Among the topics. . .


Amid the havoc and upheaval brought on by the novel coronavirus outbreak, there’s much to cover. This page showcases our latest pandemic-related content.

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